The numbers are as of Friday night, May 13, 2016, at 9 PM EDT. They will continue to go up some until the end of the fiscal year, June 30.

1-year Smith Fund — $766,826 (128% of goal)

1-year Comprehensive Giving (which includes gifts to the Smith Fund, annuities, Reunion Bequest Intentions, Friends categories, buildings, and everything else) — $2,594,249 (173% of goal)

5-year Comprehensive Giving — $6,363,579 (127% of goal)

1-year participation % — 74% or 315 classmates

5-year participation % average — 61% (our goal was 60%).


Life Income Gifts and and Bequests — $744,704.88 (12 Annuities = $743,704.88 and 1 Bequest of $1,000)

Reunion Bequest Intention Total — $927,500.00

Members of Grecourt Society — 60 classmates and 2 spouses, 20 new members since our last reunion


We reached our goal of having each of the 57 deceased classmates honored with a memorial gift made in her name. To meet this goal, over 100 classmates made memorial gifts this year.  Spouses of deceased classmates made gifts totaling $6,600.

With many thanks,

Elsa Pottala Pauley, co-Fund Team Coordinator; Caroline Soleliac Carbaugh, co-Fund Team Coordinator; Lois Hoffman Thompson, Special Gifts Chair; Sue Werner Thoresen, Planned Giving Chair; Susan Field Mullens, Memorial Giving Chair.