In Memoriam

The following classmates are no longer with us.


Name Date of Death Senior House Major
Abimbola Alabi 6/2/1964 Morris
Amy Stanley Anthony 12/8/2018 Jordan English
Hester Livingstone Bakewell 10/14/2008 Lamont
Linda Young Barnes 2/23/2001 Park Economics
Sharon Daniels Beer 2/27/2016 Hopkins Religion & Biblical Literature
Arlene Belsky 12/14/2001 Tyler Botany
Ellen Borie 6/9/1970 Morris Mathematics Honors
Margot Mayer Burwood 03/30/2018 Tyler Zoology
Yvette Bouchard 5/30/2014 Ziskind Practical Art
Katharine Caldwell 5/27/1996 Emerson French
Dagmar Ristic Clark 10/20/1996 Baldwin German Honors
Dolores (Dori) Wilson Coviello 11/3/2005 Albright Zoology
Pamela Cumming 9/11/2018 Emerson Psychology
Mary DeLancey 2009 Lawrence Mathematics
Sandra Hawthorne Democh 8/16/1999 Cutter
Sally Bassett Dickeson 2/04/2016 Clark Art History
Melanie Jamieson Dickinson 12/11/1983 Wilder
Susan Stanley Eddy 1/31/2015 Lamont Music
Elizabeth Edwards 9/16/2006 Laura Scales Latin American Studies
Florence Farber Einhorn 8/18/2018 Morris Economics
Phyllis Endreny 12/25/2000 Morrow History Honors
Gay Rumery Englezos 9/27/2000 Ziskind
Sandra Evans Fee 10/16/2002 Cutter Economics
Evelyn Roth Fogarasi 7/13/2016 Hubbard Psychology
Susan Strickland Gallagher 5/4/2015
Kathryn Adelberg Greenhouse 2/15/1987 Capen Psychology Honors
Sharon Smith Hult 3/27/1994 Chapin
Therese Frommer Israel 12/20/2017 Dawes French
Molly Ivins 1/31/2007 Gardiner History
Pamela Klinge 8/6/1999 Capen
Joellyn Duesberry Kowal 8/5/2016 Cutter Art
Marcia Williams La Riche 8/28/2007 Tyler History
Marcia Ingram Lamb 3/12/2015
Ann Porter Lundy 9/28/2014 Ziskind Economics
Mary Carroll Marsden 9/7/2004 Park Theatre
Aline Massey 8/25/2009 Baldwin Economics
Edith Blumenthal McCharen 5/21/2010 Cutter Mathematics Honors
Carolyn Lewis Mehew 6/11/2013 Morrow Education
Mary Rogaleski Mendonca 7/13/1996 Off Campus Government
Bonnie Myrun Milstein 2/20/2015 Park History
Mary Minich 5/25/2018 Parsons History
J. Dabney Saunders Naumchick 1/4/1969 Capen English
Nancy Stephenson Nichols 10/2/2002 Cutter Art History
Ann Nisula 5/18/1963 Fr King
Eudora Simmons Pendergrast 10/17/2014  Dawes  English
Ruth Van Dyke Phang 7/24/2014 Fr King Psychology
Anne Charbonneau Ralin 5/12/2008 Talbot
Glenda Copes Reed 6/14/2013 Gillett American Studies
Diana Akers Rhoads (Graduated with class of 1967) 6/09/2008 Ziskind English
Barbara Mook Richards 6/8/2013 Laura Scales Government Honors
Janet Ruben 1/28/1978 Morrow Government Honors
Sarah See Seigel 7/12/2005 Chapin History
Margaret Lawson Shaw 2/02/2017 Chapin Government Honors
Jeanne Hampton Shearer 1/23/2000 Jordan English
Sami Goldman Solinger 6/14/2000 Baldwin
Jane Stamper 12/14/2012 Baldwin Art History
Alison Morgan Henning Stebbins 11/12/2012 Parsons Art History
Susan Steinberg 3/5/1992 Parsons History Honors
Anne Strong 4/4/2013 Albright American Studies
Nancy King Stuckless 1/19/1985 Park Government
Edith Leverenz Stunkel 11/11/2001 Hubbard
Wendy Wolff Susco 7/20/2018 Hubbard Government
Patton Ogden Tabors 12/13/2014 Albright Government
Caroline Vest 7/24/2009 M Wilson English Honors
Mary Cunningham Walker 12/13/2008 Cushing Economics
Martha Lazarus Weiden 9/28/2001 Comstock American Studies
Pamela Salisbury Wyzga 11/24/2013 Baldwin History

The Route of Memorial Giving

Giving memorial gifts to Smith is a meaningful and personal way to honor Smith classmates, friends, relatives and other Smith connections who have had an impact on our lives. These gifts make us feel bonded to these special Smith people.

Memorial gifts are an important way to remember members of our Class of ‘66 who have died. This is a very significant type of gift. Over 65 classmates have passed on since we began our journey together in Fall 1962, and each of them influenced our lives in one way or another. A gift in memory of one of them recalls the relationships among classmates and special times together. Every year when we make our memorials gifts, we remember wonderful experiences together while at Smith and in the years after.

A memorial gift to The Smith Fund can remember your Smith connections beyond our class – a mother, grandmother, or other relative who was a Smithie, an alum who first excited you about applying to Smith, a faculty member who inspired you in your research, alums met later in life who enriched your life. A memorial gift becomes a thank you and an opportunity to reflect on the important people who have made a difference in your life.

Gifts can be of any size and can be made at any time. You can send them directly to the The Smith Fund, Stoddard Annex, 23 Elm Street, Northampton, MA 01063. Be sure to mark the memorial information on your check. The memo line is short, but it also helps to put the class year and/or relationship (e.g., parent) right along with the name. It is also easy to make gifts online at The online gift page has a place for you to indicate whom you want to memorialize.

We hope that you will consider a memorial gift – and that your gift will evoke treasured memories of your time at Smith and Smith connections after.

Caroline Soleliac Carbaugh
Elsa Pottala Pauley