ChapinMini2015A ChapinMini2015C The two photos above were taken during the Chapin House Mini-Reunion on Cape Cod April 25, 2015.  In the top photo, left to right on bottom row: Mabel Dubois Ellis, Virginia “Winkie” Meyer Grandison, Alice “Small” van Buren Kelley, Pam Watson Sebastian.  Top row, left to right:  Barbara Brooks, Caroline Soleliac Carbaugh, Elsa Pottala Pauley, Patricia Hoffman Bernstein, Judy Stern Golub.  Second photo, at dinner, from left around the table: Barbara Brooks, Winkie Meyer Grandison, Caroline Soleliac Carbaugh, Mabel Dubois Ellis, George Grandison, Elsa Pottala Pauley, Alan Bernstein, Patricia Hoffman Bernstein, Judy Stern Golub, Pam Watson Sebastian.  Elsa writes: Saturday evening, we gathered at Small’s home in East Harwich, MA, for wine and appetizers, plus a group photo taken by a real expert — Patricia’s husband, Alan, who’d accompanied her.  Winkie’s husband, George, was also there.  But both of them, respecting our need to time and privacy to talk, share, tell stories — laugh and cry — gave us our space except for joining us for dinner.   We traveled the short distance back to Chatham to the Wild Goose Tavern for yummy food, a chance for more stories, and a chance to talk with Alan and George. For the foodies among us it was a chance to enjoy some real New England cooking — such as delicious clam chowder and wonderful local scallops! Good conversation, great food and drinks, even better friends — old and new.  I’m running out of adjectives — everything was glorious!


 A mini-reunion was held February 12, 2015, at the Port Royal Club in Naples, Florida, in conjunction with Kathleen McCartney’s visit to Florida.  A lovely time was had by all.  Attending and shown left to right in the photo above are Sue Werner Thoresen, Linda Cornell Weinstein, Darcy Wheeler Bacon, Gail Kern Paster, Vicki Reiter Goldstein, and Nancy Chiswick.


Nancy Thompson Godfrey, Karen Sargent Sirkin, and Merrill (Mimi) McLaughlin got together on January 16, 2015, at Nancy’s glorious house in Scottsdale, AZ, to discuss our 50th reunion and yearbook.  In photo above, left to right:  Nancy, Karen, and Mimi.

PriorOfficersMiniReunionA mini-reunion of the 2006-2011 class officers was held at the Lake Winnipesaukee home of Bob and Sue Thoresen on June 12, 2014.  We missed those officers who couldn’t attend but, that said, we had a fantastic time.  First row left to right in the photo above:  Elsa Pauley Johnston, Debbie Eaton Keeney, Sue Roberts, Susan Field Mullens.  Second row:  Ann Shapiro Zartler, Susan Werner Thoresen, Sarah Cross Mills, Caroline Soleliac Carbaugh, and Patricia Fulkerson Larrabee.  The photo below shows the group with the lake in the background.  L to r:  Susan Field Mullens, Caroline Soleliac Carbaugh, Elsa Pottala Pauley, Pat Fulkerson Larrabee, Ann Shapiro Zartler, Sue Werner Thoresen (our host), Sue Roberts, Deb Eaton Keeney, and Sarah Cross Mills.



Judy Bronstein Milestone prepared lunch for the May 23, 2014, SoCal mini-reunionThe weather and food were wonderful and the conversation even better.  Pictured above left to right:  Karen Slack deRiszner, Elsa Pottala Pauley, Judy Bronstein Milestone, Robin Coates Jaffe, Lois Hoffman Thompson, and Peggy Chase.


Shown above are those who attended the Boston area mini-reunion on Sunday, May 18, 2014 at Sally Beck Baker‘s home in Brookline, MA.  Front row:  Marilyn Schwartz LLoyd, Nancy McGee Mack, Susan Lang, Rusty True Browder, Sylvia Berman Perlman, Sandra Northrup Wixted, and Ann Shapiro Zartler.  Back row:  Sally Beck Baker, Deb Eaton Keeney, Merry Reynolds Touborg, Martha Bonnell Sheldon, and Noel McCoy.



New York City mini-reunion April 9, 2014, hosted by Pam Potter Flaherty. It was a lovely spring evening and, among other things, we reminisced about Smith in our days, talked about what we are each doing now, discussed the future of higher education and came up with suggestions for our 50th reunion which will be May 12-15, 2016.  Left to right above: Honora Horan, Mimi Spiller Kolko, Stephanie Braxton, Meg Browar, Pam Potter Flaherty, Nealie Mendenhall Small, Karen Sargent Sirkin, Patti Perkins McGrath, Sue Stanley Eddy, Bennette Dacy Kramer, and Judy SchwarzAttending but not pictured:  Candy Drake Wainright and Sally Blake McHann.

ParsonsMiniReunion2013BParsons House mini-reunion in DC, November 9, 2013.  We had a great reunion with glorious weather and lots of special moments.  Left to right above: Puddy Knight Cluett (PA), Lee Coveney (CO), Roxie Grant Lapidus (CA), Tilda Dana Mitsakos (MA), Leslie Judd Graitcer (GA), Maggie Mowen Brown (VA), Barbara Rouse (MA), Gregory Dodge Wollon (MD), Ann Eglin Allen (DC), and Sarah Cross Mills (ME).

NorthropM inireunionOct2013Edited

Northrop ’66 had one of its periodic reunions in October 2013 at a 1778 house and bed-and-breakfast in Stafford Springs, CT. It was the first reunion without Diana Akers Rhoads ’67 (who began Smith as Northrop ’66).  Diana was lost to breast cancer since the last Northrop ‘66 reunion, and the bed-and-breakfast was chosen specifically because it is owned by Diana’s son and his family.  Staying there was a way of remembering her.  This is the fifth Northrop ’66 reunion, always in a different part of the country (the last was in Montana). In photo above: First row: Polly Burke Cunningham and Frances Donoghue Thompson; Second R0w: Nancy Role Mendell, M Christine (Chris) Wilkinson, Kathleen Finn Evascu, and Susan Froehly Teich; Third Row: Amy Raesler Hargens, Karol Grubbs Schmiegel, and Wingate Main PayneOf course, there had to be a day trip to Northampton — and to Northrop, where the dining room that formerly produced roast beef with Yorkshire pudding is now entirely vegan.