ALAS Key Initiatives

1. Revitalizing the membership base
2. Increasing fundraising activities
3. Strengthening networking opportunities
4. Focusing on recruitment
5. Increasing ALAS’ visibility within the Smith alumnae network

Your voice is important to us, and we hope that you will be interested in giving us your feedback as we work towards building a stronger alumnae network.

“Smith College has a strong commitment to diversity. We have made great strides in ensuring that the student body is reflective of the world community. Alumnae affinity and special interest groups play a vital role in extending that message well beyond the Grecourt Gates. The work of affinity and special interest groups promotes the very core of our mission to encourage and embrace diversity within our community. It is inspiring to see alumnae continue to connect on meaningful levels beyond the traditional class and club structure, whether that connection is based on personal identity, professional achievements, or common interests. As president of Smith, I value your efforts and support the work you do for the college.”   – Carol Christ