Reunion – Our 50th in Review

Nancy Kropp’s Wonderful 50th Reunion Survey Presentation
50th Reunion Fundraising Figures
Scroll down to view photos from reunion. Click on a photo to enlarge and get full view.

Video of Saturday Presentations: Kaleidoscope of Classmates (Note: Please do not share the link to this video with anyone other than classmates.)

Awards our class collected at reunion: highest five-year comprehensive total giving, highest five-year participation percentage, highest number of Grecourt Society members, highest number of Friends members (e.g., Library, Museum), highest percentage of class attending reunion (We had 43%.)

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Snapfish Photos of Thursday Night Cocktails & Choir Rehearsal

Snapfish Photos of Jane Harmon, Panel, President’s Cocktail Party

Snapfish Photos of Saturday Parade and Festivities

Snapfish Photos of 50th Reunion Memorial Service Practices and Service and Some Much Earlier Photos of Concert and Choral Groups Photos