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As more and more communication is occurring electronically as opposed to postal, “snail mail”, please make sure that your contact information – – particularly your e-mail address – – is listed and current in Smith’s directory.

If you need help updating your information or providing it for the first time, contact Smith’s records department.  We’ve also provided some instructions in our Connections/Links tab.

The Alumnae Relations – Online Community  web page allows you to update your information yourself  if you are already registered.  This web page also has a tab for the Alumnae Directory for your use in finding other classmates or alumnae colleagues.   Again, this is our source for your contact information so that we can send you newsletters and news updates on a timely basis.

Again, if you need assistance, you can e-mail the records department or call the  Office of Alumnae Relations can look it up.   Their phone number is 413-585-2040.  

See Class News on its own sub-menu page.

See Class Newsletters on its own sub-menu page.