The H’Art of Giving

Smith Class '75 logo white on greenPROGRESS UPDATE  – September 2018
Fund Team Coordinator Report
The Fund Team:
In January 2017, Judy Kafka Maxwell left the team but we gained three new members in the fall.  In the last two weeks we have an additional four members with two or three more probably joining us in October after September travel.  Yay!
Current Team members are:
Jody Angevin – Smith Fund Team Coordinator
Marjie Bloom (new fall 2018)
Pat Finnegan Byram (also Treasurer)
Jane Mossman Clark (new fall 2017)
Robin Clark (new fall 2018)
Pat Connor (also Memorial Chair)
Jeanne Loughlin Dockery
Lisa Burton Ericson (new fall 2018)
Debbie Gastler (new fall 2017)
Kate Barnes Grant (new fall 2017)
Mary Harvey (also Class President)
Pamm Kerr
Lizz Cooper-Martin (also Reunion Co-Chair)
Andrea Hoadley Nix (new fall 2018)
Barbara Quilty (also Reunion Co-Chair)
Ann Rasenberger
Robin Roy (also Planned Gift Chair)
Catherine (Katie) Stephenson (new fall 2018)
Pam Weldon (new fall 2018)
Marcia McMinn Zweig (new fall 2017)

Fiscal Year 2018 Results (ending 6/30/18):
Funds Raised:
     Comprehensive Total – $377,140
     Goal -$260,000
     % to Goal – 145%

     Donors – 239
     Total Solicitable – 544
     Participation % – 44%
     Official Goal – 45%
     Last Reunion % – 50%
     Donors Needed to Reach Official goal – 6
     Donors Needed to Reach 40th Reunion % – 33
     Donors who gave last year but not this year – 28

Fiscal Year 2019 Plans:
We have not yet been given our FY 2019 goals by the Fund Office and I am sure that there will be a conversation about them over the weekend.  We are excited about having a larger team which will greatly improve our ability to connect with more classmates.

When we started as a team in the spring of 2016, we created a slogan for our tenure – “Connected, Courageous and Committed to Increased Participation”.   Our goal was not the funds raised but to have more classmates give and, above all, to connect more classmates with Smith and encourage them to return for our 45th reunion in 2020.  We were building a foundation for our 50th.  We were also fortunate that in August 2015, our classmate, Susan May Molineaux, made a gift of over $1 million to Smith.

The annual participation percentage is important as it impacts Smith’s ranking in surveys such as US News and World Report and it impacts grant making decisions by institutions considering donating to Smith.  The College would prefer $100 each year rather than $500 at reunion. However, many classmates only give at reunion or give sporadically. Automatic monthly gifts by credit card can now be set up easily online which has not always been the case and we are hoping that more may choose this option.

Our challenge for the current year is the hurdle that we have been examining since we began – how best to reach out to our classmates.  The final email for the Martha’s Vineyard Mini Reunion last October with the subject line, “Pictures of vineyard Reunion” had the highest percentage of those opening it of all Vineyard Reunion emails… a mere 47.7%.  We have made phone calls, sent emails and handwritten notes and posted on the Class of ’75 Facebook page. In the past year, some of us have experimented with brief reminder texts to consistent givers as the fiscal year was ending.  It is the main topic of our quarterly calls and we are hoping for some insight this weekend.

The annual appeal letter will be sent to all alumna in the next few weeks.  Please consider jumping the gun and making your gift next week. The Fund Team thanks you in advance!


fund raising results.

Hi Everyone,
The Fund Team roared into action at the end of the fiscal year ending June 30, 2016, and is proud to report the following 2016 results, thanks to your generosity!
Funds Raised:

  • For the Smith Fund: $208,092 with a goal of $110,000 (this is almost double our goal)
  • Total funds raised by our class, including contributions to the Women for the World Campaign:  $1,275,935 with a goal of $225,000.

These stellar results were due to our very generous classmate, Susan May Molineaux, who made a spectacular contribution last August of $919,816 to the Campaign and $100,000 to the Smith Fund. But note that even without her gift, we exceeded our goal.
Participation Percentage: 42.2% of our class made donations with an official goal of 43%. This is great for a non‐reunion year but the team is still aiming for 50% for 2017 which was what we achieved for 2015. The total for the College as a whole was 32% with a goal of 34% so well done Class of 75!
The current members of the Fund Team are:
Jody Angevin, Fund Team Coordinator 
Pat Connor, Memorial Chair
Judith Kafka Maxwell
Jeanne Loughlin Dockery
Ann Rasenberger
Pamela Kerr
     We are excited about what we can create with a full fiscal year in which to work and are looking forward to connecting and reconnecting with many of you. We have had fun getting to know each other as a team over the last few months and would love more of you to join us. It is a flexible commitment as you can choose the number of classmates with whom to stay in touch. Conference calls are quarterly and recorded if you miss them and the emails are occasional.  We promise fun and results in return. If you are interested, please contact Jody Angevin, Fund Team Coordinator 
     Now is a great time to make your gift for the 2016‐2017 year. Please note that the Women for the World Campaign, which was established to increase the College’s financial aid endowment, ends December 31, 2016 so this is your last opportunity to join this historic fund drive.
     Any size gift is appreciated and we would like to emphasize the percentage who give and not the amount of the gift. Smith greatly prefers regular annual gifts over irregular giving as an increase in the annual participation percentage not only boosts Smith’s ranking in publications like US News and World Report but also influences grants given to the College. We believe 50% participation is an attainable goal with your help. Please come play with our team and make this happen. Thank you again.
Jody Angevin



  • Class giftthis is the total amount of money and property that our class contributes to Smith.  Contributions to any of the many funds are part of the class gift.  The class gift includes matching gifts.  There is a class gift every year.  The gift year is July 1 through June 30 of the following year.
  • Class reunion giftthis is the 5-year total (from July 1 of our previous reunion year – 2010 for this cycle – to Friday evening of reunion weekend – May 15 this year) of money and property contributed by members of our class to the college.  This is announced on the Saturday of reunion weekend
  • Participation rate – the percentage of our class that contributes any amountto Smith each year.  Our goal this year is 55%.
  • Reunion participation rate – the average participation rate for the 5 year period between reunions (July 1, 2010 to May 15, 2015 for this cycle) This is announced on the Saturday of reunion weekend
  • The Smith Fund – the primary organization that solicits, collects and distributes contributions to the college.
  • Class dues – the money charged by the class to pay for reunions and other incidental needs of running the class as a not-for-profit organization.  This is totally unrelated to contributions to the college and the class gift.

What gifts are included in our class gift/reunion class gift?

All money and property contributed to the college are included in the class gift.  Not all contributions go to The Smith Fund. The Smith Fund has a family of funds:

  • Unrestricted
  • General Financial Aid
  • Ada Comstock Fund
  • International Students Fund
  • International Programming
  • Study Abroad Fund
  • Curriculum Fund
  • Faculty Support Fund
  • Campus Facilities Fund
  • Sustainability Fund
  • Also considered as part of the class gift, though not part of The Smith Fund are contributions to:  Friends of the Library, Botanic Garden, Art Museum and Smith Athletics.
  • Classmates can contribute to many other funds at Smith.  A full list can be found in the drop-down boxes when contributing using the online form at  Click on “make a gift online”.  The form has various drop-down boxes for identifying how you want your contribution to be used.  We are encouraging you to give to the unrestricted fund, to allow more flexibility in utilizing the funds. Most of the money The Smith Fund raises is used for financial aid.
  • Some types of bequests, such as charitable gift annuities, count towards the class gift.  Most bequests do not count towards the class gift until the gift is received, although some new rules for 50th +reunion classes have been implemented.

What are the giving level categories?

  • Gifts of  any amount are welcome and very much appreciated. All gifts count towards the participation rate and class gift, no matter how large or small.
  • Sustaining – A donor gives the college permission to charge her credit card monthly for any amount $5.00 or more.  This type of donation has no end date (unless, of course, you need to change that).  This differs from paying an annual pledge that is finite, with monthly or quarterly credit card charges
  • Grecourt Society – People who have included Smith in their estate plans.  For more information, go to .
  • Smith Stars – People who have given to Smith for 5 or more consecutive years.
  • Founders’ Circle – Gifts ranging from $1,875 – $4,999.
  • Paradise Circle – Gifts ranging from $5,000 to $9,999.
  • Deans’ Circle – Gifts ranging from $10,000 to $24,999.
  • Trustees’ Circle – Gifts ranging from $25,000 to $49,999.
  • Presidents’ Circle – $50,000 to $99,999.
  • Presidents’ Circle Cum Laude – Gifts of $100,000 or more.

To learn the many ways to give to Smith, please go to

Why do I get so many calls?

The Smith Fund uses volunteers from each class (the fund team) to contact classmates.  Students are also used to make phone calls.  While significant communication occurs between The Smith Fund and the fund team, coordination of calls is not always possible.  Once you have given a donation, you should not receive another call.  If you do receive another call after giving, it’s probably due to the time lag in communications between the fund team and The Smith Fund.  In addition, The Smith Fund also makes contact via mail.  Fundraising success depends on making multiple contacts with potential donors.

Other groups within Smith that solicit funds may also contact you, usually via mail.  One example is the “Friends of …” .  Some areas of the country also have regional and local fundraising campaigns.  All of these add up to a large number of contacts that may seem overwhelming.  We hope that you understand that all of the contacting groups are trying to help the students and the college.

Please contact any member of the fund team or go to the Smith web site if you have questions.  Thank you so much for all of the support you have given to Smith and your future support.

We have a wonderful alma mater and fabulously bright future leaders there right now.  Your support, no matter what level, is important and does make a difference.  You can even pay a little each month.  I believe Smith now has a way to set up automatic payment installments.

Because you Give logoTo celebrate the progress of Smith’s $450 million Women for the World campaign and set the stage for its next phase under the leadership of President Kathleen McCartney, the college has produced a new campaign video to inspire continued support from the Smith community.
Click here to watch it!


MakeAGift  You can click on the “Make a Gift” icon to give online or….

  • To make a credit card gift or pledge by phone, call 800-241-2056, option #1 during business hours, Monday-Friday, 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.
  • To make a gift of stock, call 800-526-2023, option #5, or 413-585-2681 during business hours, Monday-Friday, 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.
  • To make a gift by check, please send to: The Smith Fund, P.O Box 340029, Boston, MA 02241-0429
  • To make a gift by means of one of several other vehicles such as through your will or by an annuity that pays a fixed income for life, call 800-241-2056, option 4 or go to                                               To become a member of the Grécourt Society, the society that honors individuals who have indicated that they are remembering Smith in their wills, go to

      Smith College Tax ID: 04-1843040

giving-to-smithGiving to Smith   secure payment portal