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SAVE THE DATE: MAY 21 – MAY 24, 2020

Can you transport yourself back in time to September, 1951? Hard to believe that 68 years ago we were entering our freshman year! Exciting stuff back then—no internet, no cell phones, upstairs and Quiet Hour by 10 p.m. and toll calls home to and from the House Phone were rare! Our copies of Madamoiselle magazine’s College Issue were dog-eared and we all were sporting skirts, polo coats and Bermuda shorts!And we called (blue) jeans dungarees!

How the years and days have flown by and now our 65th Reunion is less than a year away–the dates are set for May 21-24, 2020!  The latest information about Reunion is posted on the President’s and Vice-Presidents’ website pages. And we will all be receiving updates from the college and in our Class Newsletters via email and the USPS.

Photos of the NYC meeting participants, as well as candid shots going back to our 60th Reunion in 2015, are still on our News & Photos Update pages.

Tighten your grip on to the handlebars of our 1955 bicycle as we pedal along to our 65th Reunion!

Mary Rose (Pattee) Caldwell Schlatter, 1955 Web Maven

September, 2019