Smith Fund — Special Gifts

Greetings classmates!

As we know that the power of a Smith education is undeniable, we are delighted to be the agents of 1955’s continuing mission to help pass along the remarkable opportunities we received here over 65  years ago.   Annual gifts to The Smith Fund impact Smith by helping the institution meet its most urgent needs, among them financial aid for the exceptional students who benefit from our rich curriculum and contribute to it as well.  Ada Comstock, from which Edie graduated in 1985, is also supported by the Alumnae Fund, along with many faculty enrichment programs. 

We three Special Gifts agents are tasked with maintaining personal contacts with those of us who have made significant gifts to the college, or who might be interested in supporting a particular Smith College component such as the Neilson Library, Botanical Garden, Museum of Art or perhaps a Faculty Chair.  We are grateful for the generous gifts our classmates have contributed to help to make Smith the outstanding college it is today.

February, 2021

Edith Stenhouse Bingham



Linda Ekstrom Stanley

Barbara Stein Scott