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Greetings, ’55 Classmates from this strange world we find ourselves in — among the first classes ever to have participated in a virtual reunion.    Although we missed the joy of reunion hugs and those wonderful catch-up chats of the traditional gathering, there was one advantage of not having to travel to Northampton in May:  way more classmates were able to “attend,” 92 in all. (To see the progress of the library renovation since our excellent 65th reunion webinar hosted by Susan Fliss, Dean of Libraries, click on YouTube and then on Neilson Library Renovation – Fall 2020 for a short video showing the outside of the library and the inside spaces.)  

Some of you may be wondering what happened to the class business meeting that would have normally taken place at the Saturday luncheon.   We usually have a Treasurer’s report; a slate of officers presented by the Nominating Committee followed by nominations from the floor, and then an election.  We also would conduct a brief memorial for classmates who had passed away since our last reunion.   And, of course, offer a heart-felt thank-you to the outgoing class officers.

After our reunion webinar we sent a message to all classmates with email inviting them to nominate a classmate or two, or volunteer, to serve in a particular position for the next five years,  2020 – 2025.  Due to our reduced class size and our ages, the number of officers needed to guide the class is smaller than in the past. We will no longer have a reunion Vice-president, a Treasurer, House Reps Co-Chairs and a class Fund Agent.  The officers leading the class for the next five years are:

Co-Presidents: Sally Greeley Bailey and Sally Gooch Paynter

Secretary: Katie Cowen Weldon

Special Gift Fundraisers: Edie Stenhouse Bingham,; Barbara Stein Scott, and Linda Ekstrom Stanley

Website Manager (Web Maven): Mary Rose (aka Pattee) Caldwell Schlatter

Memorial Chair: Alice Wayland Cruikshank

Planned Giving:  Jan Carlson Oresman

We sincerely thank Polly Ormsby Longsworth, Treasurer, Anne Eiseman Walker, Secretary, Kay Becker Finney, Fund Agent, and Jane Canning Ellis, Co-House Reps Chair for performing their duties very well indeed and adding their suggestions and help to make the class run smoothly, especially planning for the reunion and the webinar.

In September, you will have received the updated Class Directory recognizable by its bright green cover.  This information came from the college records, so please contact  Alumnae Records by calling 413-585-2036 or emailing should you need to make changes.

Remember to send Katie Cowen Weldon items for the Alumnae Quarterly when you have news about yourself or classmates to report.

For general class news between Newsletters you will always find something interesting on the Class Website. The easiest way to do this is to google Smith College Class of 1955. (

You may donate to the Class Scholarship fund at any time by visiting Click on Donate and follow the directions. Money from our scholarship fund is awarded to a deserving international student each year.  The amount awarded to students varies according to the return on investments. This amount of money is not available until the annual audit is completed, usually in October. The students are matched to the scholarships by the Student Financial Services Office.

The Sallys sign off with a thank-you for your confidence in re-electing us as Presidents going forward and for giving us this formidable team of experienced Class Officers with whom to work . Together we will conquer the challenges of COVID -19 and continue to inform and interest all of you in the endless possibilities ahead for the Class of 1955.

Sally B and Sally P


July, 2021