Secretary’s Page

Greetings Classmates!

Do you race to see your classmates’ news when the Quarterly arrives? I certainly do and enjoy catching up with old and new friends through the column. Our class notes are only as rich as your contributions. The deadlines for your contributions are the 1st of November, February, May and August—quarterly,  as in the name of Smith magazine. No matter how seemingly mundane or exciting, we like to read about you. There’s a three-month time lag between the deadlines and publication, but be assured your news will appear.

These are strange times and any way we can be connected is a positive move toward feeling less isolated. Let’s fill our column with many bits of news from you—please! I look forward to hearing from you, especially since this is our primary way of staying connected in between reunions.

I have set up a special email for our class notes: Please fill it with news!

Katie Cowen Weldon

July, 2021