Join the Grécourt Society

The Grécourt Society

At this stage in our lives, we experience a variety of professional and personal transitions—retirement, retooling, empty nesting, grand-parenting, etc.  For any of those reasons, this is a good time to reflect on how we got to where we are and to consider what we still want to accomplish.  If one of those things you want to do is to acknowledge the difference Smith made in your life, consider joining the Grécourt Society by including Smith in your estate

Joining the Grécourt Society  is easy to do and your generosity is appreciated by the college and all the students who ultimately benefit from it.  And, as an added incentive, this year the college will make an award to the class with the highest number of new Society members since the last Reunion.

For more information, contact classmate Edie Dinneen or the college at or call the Office of Planned Giving and Bequests at 800-241-2056 ext. 5.