Smith 69 on Facebook

Join the Class of ’69 on Facebook!  We have a private group, and invite all classmates to join.  It’s “Smith College Class of 1969”…

Facebook can be a great tool to convey information and keep ideas and connections flowing. Already, interesting discussions around topics that resonate with many of us are happening. As we move into the future there will be increasing opportunities to laugh together, learn from each other, and yes, cry together. We’ve shared ideas for books to read, we’ve asked good questions, and we’ve talked about the challenges facing us as we move into our eighth decade! And we would love to have YOU participate if you don’t already. 

About one third of our class has joined the Facebook group. Here are some advantages: connect with our wonderful group of women; stay current with Smith-related events that are in the news; see photos, read interesting articles, have discussions about our four years together that make you think “I thought I was the only one!” 

If you would like to join the Facebook group, and need some instructions, we offer them here. Sometimes things change a bit on Facebook, but we have faith that you can navigate and if you get stuck, you can always contact Margie Barkin Searl ( for help. She and Margot Levy ( will be managing the website and social media. 

Here’s how to join Facebook if you are not already a member: Go to facebook. Fill in your full name and a valid email address. Choose a password. (Facebook recommends that you make sure that it’s at least 6 characters long. Try to use a complex combination of numbers, letters and punctuation marks.) Continue to work your way through the signup process.

Here’s how to find the Smith College Class of 1969 group and request to join, if you are not already a member of the group:  Log into Facebook. Click here to go to the Class of 1969 page. On the page you should find a spot to click  “Join Group.” This will send a request to the group’s administrators to approve your request. 

To control who sees what information about you, go to your Facebook home page. Click on the upside down triangle in the blue bar at the top of the page. In the drop down menu, click on Settings.  In the list on the left, click on Privacy and edit the settings that make you feel comfortable. 

click here to go directly to Facebook