Class Fundraising

NEW: Matching gift up to $10,000 from a generous classmate to encourage participation this year!

For every gift of any size from classmates who haven’t yet donated this year, our class will receive $100, up to $10,000 total. Our goal is to secure 100 new gifts to secure the full matching gift. This challenge is all about participation, and every gift, no matter how small, counts. If you haven’t donated to Smith this year, now would be a great time! And if you have, thank you!

Smith College nurtures brilliant future leaders, creative minds, and women of the world. Your support — at any level — makes a difference. 

The Smith Fund establishes an annual “class gift” goal for each class including goals for total amount and participation rate. All donations made by class members each year automatically count toward the participation rate and class gift amount, no matter how small or large. There is no separate “class gift” fund that you need to designate. See more details about How to give to Smith

Fiscal Year 2019 Progress Report for Class of 1974 

Category Goal Actual as of 3/31/2019
Class gift $225,000 $138,006
Participation rate 50% 36%

In reunion years. all annual class gifts since the previous reunion are totaled as the Class Reunion Gift which is announced at the Alumnae Association meeting on Saturday after the Ivy Day Parade.

Special notes:

  • Our class has its own unique fund! The Emergency Fund for Women of Color was started by the Class of 1974 at the 25th reunion in 1999. To direct your donation to this fund, specify “Emergency Fund for Women of Color” when you make your donation.
  • Join the Friends of Smith! Another fun way to donate is to join one or more of the Smith Friends groups, including groups for Athletics, the Botanic Garden, the Libraries and the Museum of Art. These memberships count as donations to our class total and you can enjoy the perks while you are at reunion! The class with the most members in any Friends group will receive the Friends Reunion Award. To join a Friends group, go to

Help us help Smith and make our Class Reunion Gift the best ever in 2019!

Class of ’74 Fund Agents: Inez D’Arcangelo, Mary-Margaret Chren Landefeld, and Sharon Voros