Reunion Ride Board

Need a ride to/from Reunion? Able to offer a ride to/from Reunion? Great for arranging rides to/from the airport as well.

Send a message to and we will post your need or offer here.

Please include all the relevant details including:

  • your name (please include the name you were known by at Smith)
  • your contact info (email address and/or phone number as you prefer)
  • desired date(s) and time(s)
  • from location and to location (example: from Bradley Airport to Smith Campus; from Boston North Shore to Smith campus

UPDATE: The 2019 Rides Needed and Rides Offered pages have been removed. 7/21/2019

See Rides Needed or Rides Offered. These pages are password-protected to restrict access to the contact info. Password hint: the initials of our main auditorium (lower case) plus our year (or send a message to and we will provide the password to you).