House Reps

We think this list includes volunteers as of our reunion in May 2019. House reps are still needed for 150 Elm, Comstock,  Emerson, King, Lamont, Morris, Morrow, Park, Parsons, Scales, Talbot, Tenney, Tyler, Washburn, Wilder, Wilson, and Ziskind

Encourage your housemates to stay connected (we provide the email addresses)!

To volunteer, send a message to

House Name
Albright Bea Peck
Baldwin Christy Jones Bittenbender
Capen Sally Collins Honenberger
Chapin Gail Chandler and Anne McInerney Pinkston
Chase Cynthia Roney
Clark Barbara Bockhaus Klaas
Cushing Martha McKee
Cutter Roberta Klein
Dewey Mary-Lou Kiley
Drew Lisa Lake
Duckett Margaret Davidson
Gardiner Gail Chandler and Anne McInerney Pinkston
Gillett Stephanie Stahr
Haven/Wesley Deborah Flynn-Hanrahan
Hopkins A&B Jennifer Arbolino
Hubbard Sara (Sally) Lane
Jordan Betty Morningstar
Lawrence Rose Tamura
Northrop Linda Gray
Sessions Ruth Eliel