It’s our 45th Reunion! Time to see what we are up to and what we care about.

Below is a link to a survey of our class. We ask you to submit the survey by Sunday March 24, 2019 (time extended!).

Update: We are going to start reviewing the results of our class survey on March 25th so if you have been procrastinating please respond by then! Thanks for all the responses so far!

Smith Class of 74 Survey

This year our class survey includes two types of questions: One (defined answers) has check box responses and will allow us to create a composite picture of the class. The other (open-ended answers) asks for personal updates and reflections in a narrative form in response to prompts.

This is how the questions are organized:

  • You Today: Just the Facts – Questions 1 – 18
  • You Today: Your Reflections – Questions 19 – 32
  • You in the Future – Questions 33 – 39
  • Smith – Questions 40 – 44
  • Comments about the Survey – Question 45

We expect that it will take about 20 minutes to complete the survey, a little more if you comment extensively. We hope you’ll respond even if you don’t plan to come to reunion. Here are some tips:

  • You can skip around by clicking the “PREVIOUS” or “NEXT” buttons throughout.
  • Feel free to skip questions that you don’t want to answer.
  • You may have to scroll down to read an entire question.
  • At the very end, click “DONE.”

If you want to return to the survey in order to complete it, you should click “next” all the way past Question 45 and then click “DONE.” The next time you click on the survey link using the same computer it will bring up the version with the answers you’ve already entered.

We’ll share the results at reunion, online, and with the Smith archives. YOUR SURVEY-TYPE ANSWERS WILL BE ANONYMOUS AND CONFIDENTIAL AND REPORTED ONLY IN THE AGGREGATE SO NO ONE CAN LINK SPECIFIC ANSWERS TO A SPECIFIC PERSON. We may print the narratives so please decide for yourself how much identifying information you want to include. As in the past, these responses may be used for further research about our class. Your submission of survey responses indicates that you understand and accept these conditions.

Contact one of us if you have any questions. We hope you find the survey provocative and engaging and have fun responding!

Peg Metzger and Lizanne Payne