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We love a parade, and we were there!

Ann Stebbins Sidles, Audrey Riven Wolf, Carol Fineberg Wilson
Esther Chute Williams, Golda Marks Kagan, Julia Davis Jewett
Linda Stone Kaplan,  Margo Pinney Norris, Mimi Foyette Bull
Mims Shea Placke, Nancy Reynolds Bartlit, Ruth Rahn Budd
Sophy Doub Burnham, Sue Safford Andrews, Sue Lubowitz Cohen
Sue Riemer Sacks, Susan Steiger, Susanne Day Arnold
Suzanne Boorsch, Tinka Crosby Lunt

May, 2023.  Over the years, we’ve been “Up to Speed,” and at the parade we were “Ahead of the Curve,” wearing bright red visors and enjoying the applause of younger classes. We were not the oldest alumnae; Bobby of the Class of 1948 took the honor! Under a bright blue sky, we had front row seats for President McCartney’s address. President McCartney presented a beautiful bouquet of flowers to Class President Sue Safford Andrews as 1958’s reward for having the highest percentage of “Smith Stars,” recognizing classmates who have donated to Smith each year since our last reunion.

The campus looks “new-new” with the impressive Neilson Library and the Julia Child Campus Center. Our headquarters were at the Gillett/Northrop Houses, where arrangements by Alumnae House were to perfection, with late afternoon cocktail parties, really delicious meals and the nearby coffee machines. 

For the most part, our group spent time together for our class programs. Presentations by authors Mimi Foyette Bull, Sophy Doub Burnham, and Nancy Reynolds Bartlit prompted lively discussions. Audrey Riven Wolf’s program, “How we get our news today,” based on a report by journalist and classmate, Irene Levy Silverman, was timely and well received. Ann Stebbins Sidles led our class memorial service, and Tinka Crosby Lunt led us in our Rally Day and Reunion songs. “Telling our life stories” brought applause, a few tears, laughter, and a few gasps of amazement. 

A formal business meeting seemed unnecessary. We all seemed in accord, knowing that in five years at our 70th we’ll pick up where we left off at our 65th, enjoying Smith friendships and telling our stories. Watch for class notes with Nancy Reynolds Bartlit as our class scribe for the Quarterly.

Let’s stay in touch. Take good care. Support The Smith Fund.

Sue Safford Andrews         Audrey Riven Wolf        Mims Shea Placke

The Alumnae Office has released a video—a student-led tour of the stunning New Neilson Library with Jess and Nyla as guides. Their joy is palpable as they show off the Maya Lin-designed building, including the superb spaces filled with natural light, their favorite places to study, the new academic support area, and welcoming places to relax and connect with friends during study breaks.

In a recent issue of the “Alumnae Quarterly,” Nancy Reynolds Bartlit mentions that our website features information about Mimi Foyette Bull’s recent book, Celibacy: Memoir of a Catholic Priest’s Daughter.  In beautiful and moving language, Mimi chronicles her life and the profound impact of the mystery of her parents.  See Class News for a link for a detailed interview with Mimi.  Celibacy  is available from your local bookstore or online at Abebooks.

Recognition of the Class of 1958

From Samantha Pleasant re the new Neilson Library:  We plan to recognize donors of $100,000 or more on a community wall when you enter the building from Seelye Lawn. Collectively, your class has reached this threshold!  Our team reviewed giving by class, excluding those exceptional individual gifts receiving their own naming opportunities in the space. The Class of 1958 contributed over $101,000 via the Smith Fund’s Resourceful Smith designation and other project funds. It is our pleasure to add “The Class of 1958” to the donor wall. 

You can watch a video of the construction progress from the end of October 2020 here. Now, just two months later, workers are already beginning to move furnishings into the space. I hope that when we are next able to welcome you to campus, you will visit the new Neilson and take great pride in what we have accomplished together. 

60th Reunion:  May 24-27, 2018

Our Time!  May 24-27, 2018 was a weekend of wisdom, wit, and laughter as we celebrated our 60-year journey of fellowship, challenge, and growth.  Fifty-one classmates gathered to enjoy old friendships and establish new ones. Thanks to Mims Shea Placke and Audrey Riven Wolf who were the co-chairs.  Special  congratulations to Rosie Converse Morgan, Judy Olin Higgins, and Esther Chute Williams who served as class fund agent and special gifts chairs.  Our 5-year comprehensive amount of $13,529, 698 broke the standing record by $2,535,000! For the year 2018, the comprehensive amount was $1,311,301 with a fantastic 61% participation. Thank you generous classmates!  We were housed in Northrop and Gillett:  the parking was easy, the food was good, the programs were interesting and worthwhile, events were nearby or the shuttles took us everywhere. We were well looked after, the weather cooperated, and we had fun!
Click here for photos of the great weekend. 

Class news.  Our class secretaries often receive so many responses to their requests for news and comments for the  “Alumnae Quarterly” that not all material can be included in the print edition.  Click here to read complete comments.

Several classmates have commented on the general upbeat tone of the submissions, both to the AQ and to the website.  Generally we think positively, but we may be approaching a time when it would be helpful to read of, and learn from, accounts of unfortunate events:  death, long-term illness, dementia of self or partner, issues for children and grandchildren, boredom with retirement.  Frank discussions are welcome!

Classmates would like to read your news on the website.  We have a message board, “You said it!” and a news page, “Class News” where you can post your comments, thoughts, questions etc.  Send comments, photos, and information you wish posted to 2legato@comcast.net

The Alumnae Quarterly for Winter 2017-2018 featured a long article on Lila Wilde Berle and her efforts to preserve and protect the Berkshires.  There are numerous photos and comments from Lila;  she also graces the cover of the magazine with some of her hundreds of sheep. 

Several of our classmates have participated in the Alumnae Oral History project.  Read their comments at http://smith.edu/libraries/libs/archives/collections/alumoralhistory/1950-1959


Revised_Smith58_155th for ’58! How we celebrated!
May 2013

Marlene Futterman and Mims Shea Placke chaired a great Reunion. Click here for news and photos from our 55th Reunion.

“Now we start, sailing over the years again…”

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