Reunion 2018

Class Officers (L to R):Susan Smith Pratt, Mims Shea Placke, Aubin Zabriskie Ames, Rosie Converse Morgan, Fran Beekley Ames, Audrey Riven Wolf


Audrey Riven Wolf and Tinka Crosby Lunt


No rain on our parade

Ann Ostergaard elected co-president 2018-2023

We celebrated at our 60th reunion May 24-27, 2018.

Those who made reunion such a delight:

Reunion Co-chairs:
Audrey Riven Wolf, Mims Shea Placke

Mini Reunions:
Linda Hullinger Rockwell and friends

House Reps:
Sue Bartleson Hewitt, Renee Hermos Lincoln

Friday Night Dinner:
Helen Herron Heinrich, Nancy Reynolds Bartlit

Golda Marks Kagan, Sue Lubowitz Cohen, Sue Riemer Sacks

Saturday Night Dinner:
Linda Stone Kaplan, Ruth Rahn Budd

Saturday Dinner Entertainment:
Tinka Crosby Lunt

Gingie Stein Greene

Parade Signs: 
Irene Levy Silverman

Rosalie Horne Franks

Memorial Service:
Kathleen Hennessy Stoll, Ann Stebbins Sidles

Junior Year Abroad:
Susan Pearce, Judy Dawidoff Fresno


Hit Tunes of 1958: Yakety Yak, Splish Splash, Hard Headed Woman and Purple People Eater! Turn them on… you’ll be tapping your feet.

Then… and Now:

Penny Loafers and Saddle Shoes…Orthopedics
Poodle Skirts and Cinch belts… Elasticized waist bands
Hair…Well, it’s not what it used to be
Max Factor Pancake Foundation… Au Natural

To coin a 1950’s catchphrase, “See you later, alligator!”  Or, as Irene would say, “Sometimes the way things were is better than the way things are.”


Thanks to Debbie Czelusniak Hurst Rising, Marilyn’s daughter, for our logo.