Reflections on Deceased Classmates

On Mary Ann Javelera, from Margaret Pacsu:

I am a l960 graduate of Smith who resided in Northrup House. Mary Ann Javelera played the piano in our living room almost every night after dinner. It was more than just playing…it was a beautiful, personal interpretation of what we now know as the “American Songbook.” It was all there…Gershwin, Porter, Kern, and Rogers and Hart; I often felt alone but Mary Ann was there, smiling and playing music that we loved.

Throughout the years, I often thought of her. Many years later, I ended up in Canada at the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation. Among several radio programs I hosted was one called “Easy Street”: all the classic American music Mary Ann played. Years later I wrote to her in California and told her that she had been a great influence on my musical life and career and hoped she was still “in the business.” She wrote back and said she was no longer playing but still loved all the songs. I believe she was a teacher. She certainly was one of mine.

53660002-A-crop-webOn Sally Szold Boasberg, from Ann Stebbins Sidles:

When we became class officers, I did not know Sally. I had no idea she had been an Alumnae Trustee, a Smith Medal Committee Member, president of several national landscape architect and horticultural groups, involved with the Lyman Plant House, and responsible for founding a nonprofit organization to help save and promote Washington D. C.’s “green canopy.”

Sally’s garden in Washington D.C.

Sally’s garden in Washington D.C.

Once we started working together, I could sense her enthusiasm for whatever project had her attention, be it Smith or other interests. She even met with Mims Placke and Marlene Futterman about our reunion and chaired a National Cathedral landscape committee meeting just before she entered hospice. We continued to email, sometimes serious thoughts, sometimes with “laughter.” She was remarkable. I miss her.

Photos courtesy of Margaretta K. Mitchell ‘57