‘Lyn Brown Follett

‘Lyn served as Poet Laureate of Marin County: 2010-2012.  As an ambassador for poetry, she developed various programs, readings, and interactions around Marin County in an effort to bring more people to the love of poetry and what poetry can do for each of us.  Because Marin County is rich in poetry and poets, we will strive for a ripple out effect.  More and more towns, counties, and states across the country now have poet laureates.

One of the programs ‘Lyn has organized is ROAR (Reach Out And Read) at senior facilities and at libraries in cultural communities. “We read from the poetry canon of the culture, i.e. in Hispanic areas we read from Mexican and Central- and South- American poets, and in the Black communities from Black poets.  We also have a weekly poem in the Marin Arts Center newsletter that goes out to about 600 members and are working on Silver Express, which goes out monthly to over 35,000 people. With the program,”Pass the Poem,” you can participate any time, any where: make a copy of a poem you like and pass on to another person, friend or stranger, and ask him/her to pass it on, and on, and on. The poetic word is spreading.  Hurrah!”

‘Lyn was short-listed for the international poetry competition at the 2009 Strokestown Poetry Festival in Ireland.  She also does mixed media and photography.

New books for 2016 are Quatrefoil: A collection of poetry in four sections: Tree Music, poems about trees; Congregation, poems based on collective words, a murder of crows, an ostentation of peacocks, an exaltation of larks etc.; An Island of Bones, poems about dogs, and Poems for Red Canyons, poems of the red rock area of southern Utah. True North three of a set of four called collectively Boxing the Compass.    The other three are Compass PointsCompass Rose, and Wind Rose.  Each book contains four persona poems of historical figures, such as Hiram Bingham, Eleanor of Aquitaine, Genghis Khan etc.

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Contact ‘Lyn at Runes@aol.com and check her website: www.arctospress.com


I cannot imagine

how the circle of my life will round on itself,  this morning is so clarified.

Out my window,

ravens fluff into something larger

and the hemlocks dip at their increase.

Below in the shaggy meadow,

a gardening shed tilts on an axis

doomed to fall

And a yellow dog

clips along his non-path,

searching for earth holes.

In the spaces of the day I find

no limit to what the eye can see

if it sees with the heart,

No image so concrete it cannot be stirred with the long handle of attention.

Today  in the open throat of my life, I cannot wait to get started.