Susan Spoehrer Elliott

AcrossDivideCoverDimensionalPhoto%20HiRez%207_2011This is Susan’s story–a woman pioneer who got in on the ground floor of the digital revolution and became one of its leaders. Susan’s adventure started because she did not want to attend typing school after graduating from Smith. She achieved a coveted programming position with IBM in 1958, where she became aware of IBM’s inaccurate assumption that there were not going to be many computers. Having to leave IBM after eight years because she was pregnant, but still wanting to continue working, she founded her own business in 1966.

With a genuine love of work and an insatiable drive to create solutions that had not been imagined before, she built her company, SSE, with one of the original IBM PCs, undeterred by others’ admonitions that PCs would never provide a solid business base. With an entrepreneurial spirit and a team of exceptional people, Susan built a successful business that is recognized worldwide as a technology leader. Across the Divide: Navigating the Digital Revolution as a Woman, Entrepreneur, and CEO chronicles her unique story, her experiences as a woman working in the last 50 years of the digital revolution, and the challenges she faced in growing a globally successful IT company.

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