Meet Smith ’21ers This Summer

New opportunities to meet and connect with ’21ers this summer. We’re coordinating with two ’21ers who will share ’71 summer contact info with their classmates so that any ’21er who wants to can reach out to one of us wherever they/we are this summer.  (The contact info is protected so that it can’t be downloaded, printed or copied.) This is open to any and all ’71ers whether you did or didn’t sign up for the “mentoring” project.  There’s no limit to the number of ’21 friends you can have! If you’re interested, please sign-up here asap.


A Photo of some of the 1971 and 2021 Class Officers

For those who missed our earlier newsletter, the idea behind CONNEC71NG ’21 is to develop connections between our two classes and celebrate their graduation and our 50th reunion together in May 2021. Over the next 3 years, we hope to see many connections –  one-to-one or house-to-house or city-to-city or anything else. Some connections may be deeper than others but every connection counts. If we succeed, it may be the start of a great new Smith tradition.

Kathy Stall’s Mentee with Carol Fontein in Great Falls, Virginia.  If you and your mentee would like to share a photo or brief story email Connie Herrick Weiss


Kathy Stall and Kiki Smith met with Yacine Fall, ’21 Class President and the other ’21 class officers in early February. We received this email from Yacine a week or so later:

Hello Everyone!

I am so glad that last week, my cabinet(cc’d) got the chance to meet up with Kiki and Kathy. This is the first of many meetings to be planned between our classes. Below are the ideas we were able to brainstorm. I encourage you to respond with your thoughts on the plan and/or new ideas!


This will be a buddy system we will create where we match students from the class of ’21 with the class of ’71 based on major/career/general interests. This is nice because it allows us to build personal relationships with people from your class. We will send out this survey to best match people.

“Spilling the tea with Smithies from 1971”

Our class cabinet will be holding “First-Years Discuss” every 2 weeks. We were thinking that for one of the times we hold this, we can have people come from your class talk to us about what it was like being a Smithie in your year. This will serve as a good dialogue on the transformation of what it means to be a Smithie.


This will be a way for the class of ’71 to know what issues are affecting us today and rally behind us as a show for solidarity. This can range from a range of issues on campus, one issue we spoke about was Affinity Housing.

Yacine Fall

This project is still evolving – we’d love your ideas and feedback and suggestions.

Contact  Tara Harvey or Carol Pinki Fontein