Meet Your Classmates

Do you have an interesting vocation, volunteer opportunity or hobby you’d like to share with your classmates?  Has something in your life caused you to set back and reflect on life? Is there something your passionate about from which others could benefit?  If so this is an easy way to reach out.  Send your stories, bios or thoughts to Connie Herrick Weiss

Photos from your classmates:

Celebrating milestone birthdays:

Brooke Dickinson Durland ’72, Cathy Spear, Judye Feinberg in Budapest Oct 2018

Libbet Cone ’72, Carolyn Ryzek, Judith Sutton, Barbara Schneider, Lynne Hoxie in NYC in Feb 2019 – all from Chapin House
Stephanie Smith Toothman, Mary Whitney Kenny, Linne Mooney in Peak District UK  October 2018 – all from Comstock
Photos from Sarah Peskin on her recent visit to Tasmania to see Liz Webster and her husband David