House Reps

Ladies, whether we want to admit it or not, our 50th – as in we graduated fifty years ago- is three years away! I am not quite sure how this happened but here we are. A reunion is like a wedding– It’s only as good as the people who are there. We are hoping to reach as many classmates as possible and pique their curiosity and enthusiasm. To do this, we are hoping to have a system of House Reps.  If we could find one person willing to reach out to her housemates, we have a chance of encouraging people to come back who may never have been back. It is not a difficult job. It’s really just about communicating with your housemates and friends and encouraging them to think about attending. Think how much more fun it would be if you had your own gang of friends there to celebrate our 50th! There is no fund -raising component in being a House Rep! That was music to my ears. Each House Rep can communicate however she wants- by phone,by email, by letter. We will have a list of emails. Thank you to the classmates who have already volunteered !! Susan Brundage and I are Co-Heads of the House Reps.  We welcome your suggestions and hope to hear from you! Thank you.

All the Best,      Annie Nickel Curtin and Susan Brundage