Thoughts from your classmates

These thoughts come from Pamela Kekich Cook:

“When I returned for our fifth reunion and saw the hoards of talented, accomplished women stretching back decades, I was awestruck to think I could be a member of this amazing community of women. That feeling has only grown stronger over the years. I always smile when I read about a ground-breaking thinker, artist, politician, or business leader only to learn that she is a Smith alumna. There was a women’s race in Central Park for many years with the motto: “Who says women can’t run the world?!” Indeed, Smith gives each of us that confidence.

Along with that gift comes a responsibility to contribute and share, in our individual ways. I applaud every Smith woman who is cultivating her talents to make this world a better place. I ask myself every day if I am making a difference. If I had a motto over the trajectory of my life it would be something like “How can I help?” and “Whatever it takes.” The outward expression of my desire to help has included a fulfilling business career as a marketing/communications consultant and a commitment to the arts as a dancer, writer, photographer and museum guide.

We each are like a drop of water in the ocean of events: the effects of our words and actions ripple out touching lives beyond our limited vision. They bolster and encourage others. We help each other. As Smith women, we have the opportunity and responsibility to influence our world, one thought or action at a time. What a privilege to be doing this side by side with all of you! I am forever grateful.”

October 2018