Class Survey


Thanks to all who participated in the 1971 Class Survey!  We had a strong response rate of about 30%, and hope even more of you will participate if there is another in the future.  The original questionnaire is posted here, as well as the dinner presentation made at Reunion which used a subset of the responses.  You may want to use it at Smith Club get-togethers or other venues. Some work is still ongoing — summary “analysis” of the open-ended questions, as well as a few more in-depth interviews by Sandy Cate (who is now at 18).  We will post a fuller final analysis and summary in the next couple of months.  ENJOY!

Here’s a link to the survey results: Class of 1971 Survey.2016

If you’d like to peruse the questions to refresh your memory, a copy is attached. Smith 1971 Reunion Survey

For more information:    Mimi Zaugg  or  Sandy Cate