50th Reunion Giving


The 50th Reunion is traditionally a time to reflect on the role Smith has played in our lives.  This past year and our continuing experiences with the pandemic have shown many of us the array of coping skills and supportive friendships we can trace back to Smith;  have made us proud of the ways Smith has responded to this crisis and the needs of the Smith community with warmth, soul and creativity; and has heightened the need for all of us to act to ensure that future students can enjoy the same life-shaping experiences.


 Our class has two top priorities for our 50th Reunion giving:

The Smith Fund. This is the college’s top priority, especially now that the pandemic has put unusual financial pressure on Smith, as on all colleges. Smith Fund giving is the financial life blood of the college.

The Class of 1971 Endowed Scholarship. Our class has created, and already funded with $400,000, an endowed scholarship, through which Smith students will receive scholarships in our class’s name in perpetuity. We hope you’ll join us and be a part of it.  You can make a one-time gift or a multi-year pledge.

Participation.  Many funders look at the level of alumnae participation in considering support.  We hope for broad participation in our 50th Reunion giving.


 There are many ways to give to Smith, each with its own tax, cash flow and other aspects.  This is a brief list, to help guide your thinking. Of course each class, ours included, likes to announce with fanfare a large amount raised as its 50th Reunion giving.   Many gifts “qualify” – even if multi-year and even if they are in the future, like bequests in your will.  There are a number of us (see the end of this document) who can help you match your giving to your wishes and needs.


Please consider a multi-year Smith Fund pledge that would help you stretch your giving. Your entire gift will be credited to our class for our 50th Reunion.

For instance, a $1,000 pledge annually for five years counts as a $5,000 gift at Reunion.

If you make your gift using appreciated stock, you not only receive a tax deduction in the full value of the gift but also avoid paying tax on the appreciated values. If you make a gift through your IRA, you avoid paying taxes on the amount gifted out from the IRA.


 Planned gifts include gifts that give you an immediate tax deduction, pay you an income for life, and give Smith immediate funds.  Examples are annuities, charitable remainder trusts and charitable lead trusts and even gifts of real estate (for example, you can gift your home but retain the right to live there for life). For example, a $10,000 annuity pays you income for life at attractive rates, gives you an immediate tax deduction, counts as a $10,000 reunion gift and gives Smith future dollars.


 You can name Smith in your will, make Smith the beneficiary of an IRA or retirement plan or life insurance.  (You remain free to change your plans if circumstances change).  One-half of your planned gift, if documented, will “count” as reunion giving.  You can achieve significant tax benefits for your heirs while helping Smith.  For examples, see click here.

In addition, currently through the Grecourt Match, 10% of your documented bequest and other life income gifts will be given in immediate funds as financial aid.

Perhaps you can give more than you thought possible!

 To maximize your impact on our Reunion, consider a three-part gift:

  • A Smith Fund gift or multi-year pledge;
  • A contribution to the Class of 1971 Scholarship; and
  • Any form of Planned Gift

Under the CARES Act, moreover, your tax benefits may be more than you think!

Contact Information:

For more details about any of these types of gifts, please contact:

Sam Samuels, Smith College Director of Gift Planning, at ssamuels@smith.edu, (413) 320-6174
Jodi Fallon Fern, Asst. Director of Milestone Reunions, at jfallonfern@smith.edu, (413) 585-4407

Our Fund Co-Chairs will always be happy to talk with you about your Reunion giving:

Angelica Didier Light, Co-Chair, Fund Team Angelica Didier Light
Suzy Ross McDowell, Co-Chair, Fund Team Suzy Ross McDowell
Deb Lans, Planned Giving Chair Deb Lans
Kathy Kelly Spear, Special Gifts Chair, Kathy Kelly Spear

Gifts can be made in any of the following ways:

  • By credit card gift, use the online giving form.
  • To pledge, call 800-241-2056, option #1.
  • Gifts of securities, please call 800-526-2023, option #5, for our Stock Transfer Form.
  • Gifts from a IRA Charitable Rollover, contact your IRA administrator. Learn more and get a sample administrator letter.
  • By check, send to Smith College Gift Accounting, 33 Elm Street, Northampton, MA 01063

REMEMBER, 67% of students receive financial aid from Smith and the average grant is $48,117.  The college, and the future leaders it will graduate, rely on us to keep its offerings undiminished and its ability to serve women from all backgrounds uncompromised.

50 Ways to Give